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Tigullio Events

Tigullio Eventi is an initiative entirely free both for users and for event organizers and promoters, which was created with the aim of offering citizens and tourists a single place where you can explore all the fun, culture and entertainment that happens and will happen in Gulf of Tigullio.

Just browse the pages of this site to realize that this is an extraordinary offer both in terms of quantity and quality,comparable to that of a large metropolis.

If this information, not all of it to tell the truth, is present in the tourism portals of individual public administrations, it is difficult and laborious for tourists and inhabitants of Tigullio itself to find out what is happening in the next town without mentioning the fact that many organizations rely on again  exclusively for flyers and posters for the promotion of events.

Tigullio Eventi instead presents a single streaming of events on the home page as if it were a single physical location. On the other hand, between Portofino and Sestri Levante there is more or less the same distance as between Genoa Voltri and Genoa Nervi.

The events are  divided into ten categories (concerts, cinema, theater & cabaret, dance & disco, exhibitions, festivals, parties & markets, excursions & guided tours, food & wine, sport & fitness, meetings & courses, dedicated to children

A subdivision by the main geographical locations is also provided: Santa Margherita Ligure & Portofino, Rapallo, Zoagli, Chiavari, Lavagna & Cavi, Sestri Levante and Hinterland.

Anyone can request publication on Tigullio Eventi, provided that they respect theregulation.

Gulf of Tigullio - Genoa - Italy

all the fun, culture and entertainment of the Gulf of Tigullio

Materials for partners

Below you can find downloadable and printable information materials.

Tigullio Eventi thanks you for your active collaboration.



Poster size A3 and A4

Instructions for the compositing of promotional materials

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