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Weekly Guide - from Friday 10th to Thursday 16th May

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We are changing the perception of Tigullio from a beautiful tourist area where we wondered what to do every evening, because the only tools available were the websites of the individual administrations and the posters hung everywhere by the organizers, in a modern, lively and proactive area of recreational and entertainment cultural.

You too can contribute to the project by helping us spread it. Thank you!

A Friday to shine your eyes on for vintage car enthusiasts who will speed along the Rapallo seafront. But it is also a Friday in which the Riviera Film Festival offers all the best of its menu: from documentaries, to films and masterclasses with stars of the Susan Sarandon level. But exhibitions such as 1984 Lo' and meetings on El Greco , on Tutti i parti della mia vita , on Corno Stella 2.0 are inaugurated. There is also a course that we should all take on first aid . For the little ones, the Circus on the Water .
For dinner we can choose between grilled meat or, for the Gastronomic appointments in Valfontanabuona saga, the Ostaia di Storti or the Trattoria Colomba and the precursors of the Camogli fish festival . Let's not forget the aperitif with Neapolitan music , which could be followed by the classics of Duo Novae or acoustic and dusty rock . For those who prefer disco and smooth we have Matteo Bensi , a Sound Party and the music of the 80s .

A heroic Sunday for the intrepid people who will tackle the second edition of Santa Santa on mountain bikes (StefanO – Margherita). Excursion lovers could undertake the Transhumance excursion and take advantage of the associated lunch in the church square. There is also the BimbinBici in Sestri Levante, the horsewatching , the cellar emptying and the Rapallo Moutiers .

The Camogli fish festival reaches its climax with the blessing of the large pan and the frying and distribution of the fish.

For lunch you could always go to Valfontabuona , while in the afternoon for the little ones there is the ecological treasure hunt and the Circus on the Water .
the Sunday games , the poetry of the violin , the afternoon tango and the theatrical performance in an Emma nursery and surrounding areas . Finally a Latin evening to end the weekend.

Saturday begins with the antiques market and continues with a walk between sky and sea , a beekeeping course , BimbnBici in Chiavari, a public discussion on a book by Tara Westover , a workshop on lights and shadows in watercolor , a workshop for children in tribute to Susan Sarandon. Il bandolo offers us a meeting on the drama of women in Iran , the presentation of the books Construction of a hero , Mutual aid in Rapallo and Gappists in Chiavari . . For the little ones, the Circus on the Water .

For lunch and dinner you will be welcome in a farmhouse that takes part in the gastronomic events in Valfontanabuona and obviously the Camogli fish festival. In the evening music from great films or jazz rock and then the disco of the Exclusive Party of the Covo di Nort Est and Gabro B2bB Sandero by Royal Mep.

The Di Marzio Prize is on Monday at Castello Brown and a lovely reading initiative for children begins at Alta Voce which will continue until Wednesday.

Also on Monday at the golf club we will talk about Troppo dolce! Diabetes and new treatments .

Tuesday the 0 km agricultural market .

Thursday the excellences of Argentine tango

At the following link, however, you will find a preview of what is currently expected for next weekend , so you can prepare in time.

All we can do is wish you lots of fun, good culture and beautiful excursions.

And don't forget to consult Tigullio Eventi every day to stay up to date with the latest news

The editorial staff of Tigullio Eventi

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