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Real Trattorias because Real and High Quality and... Quantity

This column aims to fill a gap that the most renowned and popular sites dedicated to restaurant reviews do not have the courage to provide, where in  in many cases the expert, understandably, is looking for new experiences and flavors which then respond to the canons dictated by the latest trends and rigorous cooking schools.

Trattorie Reali instead wants to scratch around in a completely different area, namely that of the Trattorie Reali.

It will have happened, I imagine, to you to enter a place whose sign says Osteria or Trattoria and instead find yourself in a pretentious restaurant, minimal Nordic radical chic furnishings, with snobbish waiters and a menu that requires the Devoto Oli to understand what you are about to ingest, all topped off with a stellar bill that forced you to tighten your belt for the next nine and a half weeks.

Instead, we call the trattorias and taverns listed on these pages Royal because you can eat well, in abundance, traditional Italian dishes with perhaps some variations that do not distort the profound sense of centuries of tradition and at a popular price.

So Treatories Real because True and High Quality and... Quantity.

Review, vote and suggest your favorite trattorias

Obviously the Tigullio Eventi editorial team is not entitled to review trattorias, their environments, services and dishes, but you can do it!

In order to post your reviews you must first become a member by registering below. 

Then just go to the bottom of the page of the restaurant you want to talk about and write your review which we recommend is always set to moderation (we reserve the right to censor any excess).

If you want to suggest a restaurant not yet listed below, you can do so by writing an email, necessarily attaching photographs of your property of the environment and food.

Please limit the description to the essentials, avoiding judgments that you can then express in the appropriate section below.

The editorial team will only publish the trattorias that meet the above requirements.

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