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  • The week from Friday 12 January to Friday 19 January 2024

    Once the cyclone of Christmas events is over, of which in reality there would still be a few nativity scenes here and there, public and private events are taking a moment to breathe. This doesn't mean that you have to be bored or forced to stay at home watching a series or film on the small screen. First of all there is always the cinema  which offers a decidedly different experience from that of the small screen and above all forces a level of concentration significantly higher than that at home and the TIgullio cinemas offer a great programme. They range from the laughter of Santocielo di Ficarra and Picone, to those of De Luigi on a bicycle at 50 km per hour , without forgetting the exciting and funny challenge of Who scores wins . For those who want to try their hand at something more busy, we have Perfect Days Wim Wenders, anatomy of a fall Justine Triet already acclaimed as a masterpiece and finally what a one The dreamers  by the visionary Bertolucci has been a masterpiece for years. We also highlight the play Vicini di casa by Cesc Gay For those who are not really saturated with those of the recent Christmas we recommend the Antiques Market  in Chiavari. We remember an excursion with a fascinating name like The three places of the heart . An intense weekend of shopping is expected given that the winter sales season is still underway. In Rapallo you can watch the regional fencing championship , a great show even for those who are not fans of this "noble" sport, as Peppone would say. Four-legged Rapallo  could reserve some nice surprises because gathering man's best friends together is always a festive and fun moment. Among the meetings we highlight the curious one . Does friendship between women exist? , Sewing stories  dedicated to the little ones and the new poetry reading course  held by Pino Petruzzelli. In short, for those who want to leave home to discover what is happening in the world there is more than one solicitation. Have fun and good culture. The editorial staff of Tigullio Eventi The complete newsletter

  • Upcoming events in Tigullio: from Friday 2 February to Friday 9 February 2024

    It promises to be an intense, passionate, delicious and "magical" weekend. full of entertainment, sports and culture. You could already attend the presentation of a book in Santa Margherita or Lavagna on Friday afternoon or, if you have a child, take them to Fantasticamente to encourage them to read. At 7.30pm, if you are a lover of Rythm and Blues you could go to Camogli and enjoy an aperitif at the theater complete with a tribute to Aretha Franklin or if you just want to eat typically Ligurian food take advantage of the tasty hazelnut on the table initiative by having dinner in a farmhouse . You could even take advantage of a free buffet and then go to the disco to work it off immediately afterwards. On Saturday you could instead dedicate it to shopping in Chiavari and Santa Margherita . If you are sporty you cannot avoid taking part in the Portofino Run on Saturday or in the Due Perle half marathon on Sunday. Instead, I wish you to have children so as to have the justification to participate yourself in the two days of Harry... and the enchantment of the glacial lake, a two days at the lake of blades immersed in the magic of Patronus animals and other formidable spells. Alternatively you can take the children to the much quieter puppet theater or if you don't have children to look after and you love nature you could start the LIPU Birdwatching course . On Saturday evening you can choose between a good inland restaurant (full dinner for €25), a visionary multimedia interpretation of a text by Dostoevsky or let loose in the disco . Of course you can always go to the cinema : The Holdovers , Poor Creatures , the brand new Argylle , The Usual Idiots 3 and Everyone Except You . If you were finally thinking of resting on Sunday , you could always do so, but you would give up to the Traversata Zoagli Chiavari or the excursion to the Cinque Terre of faith and silence . But if you prefer something more enjoyable you can choose between a lunch in anotherfarmhouse chosen from the hazelnut on the table or the white cod in Santa Maria del Campo. On Sunday afternoon you can experience the first signs of Carnival in Borzonasca and Sestri Levante , or you can go to the theater ( Transport Company ), to hear a Gospel concert or to dance the tango with an aperitif . On Monday remember the poetry course , on Wednesday football fans will not be able to miss the screening of Genoa anyway and everywhere , a beautiful documentary on the oldest Italian football club and also take advantage ofanother stage of the Hazelnut on the table gastronomic journey. Also on Wednesday, the screening of a documentary film on Giuseppe Garibaldi . In our spare time we remind you that registrations for Writing a Fairy Tale for the Andersen Prize and the related webseminars are open. If you usually hum while you shower, why don't you test yourself and join the CoroPop of Rapallo, introducing yourself on Thursday. And next Friday you'll have fun in Rapallo and Lavagna, conferences, aperitifs at the theatre, hazelnuts on the table, etc. But we'll talk more about it next week. All we can do is wish you, have fun, good culture and bon appetit! The editorial staff of Tigullio Eventi

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