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The week from Friday 12 January to Friday 19 January 2024

Once the cyclone of Christmas events is over, of which in reality there would still be a few nativity scenes here and there, public and private events are taking a moment to breathe.

This doesn't mean that you have to be bored or forced to stay at home watching a series or film on the small screen.


First of all there is always the cinema  which offers a decidedly different experience from that of the small screen and above all forces a level of concentration significantly higher than that at home and the TIgullio cinemas offer a great programme. They range from the laughter of Santocielo di Ficarra and Picone, to those of De Luigi on a bicycle at 50 km per hour , without forgetting the exciting and funny challenge of Who scores wins . For those who want to try their hand at something more busy, we have Perfect Days Wim Wenders, anatomy of a fall Justine Triet already acclaimed as a masterpiece and finally what a one The dreamers  by the visionary Bertolucci has been a masterpiece for years.

We also highlight the play Vicini di casa by Cesc Gay

For those who are not really saturated with those of the recent Christmas we recommend the Antiques Market  in Chiavari.

We remember an excursion with a fascinating name like The three places of the heart .

An intense weekend of shopping is expected given that the winter sales season is still underway.

In Rapallo you can watch the regional fencing championship , a great show even for those who are not fans of this "noble" sport, as Peppone would say.

Four-legged Rapallo  could reserve some nice surprises because gathering man's best friends together is always a festive and fun moment.

Among the meetings we highlight the curious one . Does friendship between women exist? , Sewing stories  dedicated to the little ones and the new poetry reading course  held by Pino Petruzzelli.

In short, for those who want to leave home to discover what is happening in the world there is more than one solicitation. 

Have fun and good culture.


The editorial staff of Tigullio Eventi

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